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The name says it all!  Acid Scum Bird Aggie Acid Line and Acid Scum Bag Bassline Ben bring a unique blend of Acid Techno to the Safehouse Radio air waves with their show Acid Scum, every 3rd Wednesday of the month from 7pm.  Acid Scum set the stage perfectly for a night of pounding techno beats, 2 hours of quality filth. Love it!

Acid Scum

Acid Techno duo Aggie Acid Line and Bassline Ben are both from Devon with a passion for playing vinyl.

They have two track releases in collaboration with Jamie Tik Tok Taylor/Ektik “Gutter Shwag” (SUFSUPERLTD) and “Contact Tasting” (Corrosive Records).

They have more recently collaborated with Polish Acid Techno legend Ciuciek "We Ain't Going Anywhere" - Message From The Underground (Acid Addict Records), and also with Ciuciek & Erykk MTK "War is Fucked" - Acid For Peace E.P. (SUFSUPERLTD) and have more due to be released on Stay Up Forever.  

They regularly play on other radio shows and guest live streams in addition to playing at clubs and festivals in the UK.

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