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Join Mr.Mr every 2nd Wednesday from 11pm for an in-your-face mash-up of all things hard with The Hard Dance Session, only on Safehouse Radio!

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So, Its all started for Mr.Mr with dance music when a friend brought around Ministry Of Sound - The Annual 3 mixed by Pete Tong & Boy George and he loved it straight away. That then led him to mainstream trance, tunes like For An Angel, Diving Faces, Gouryella & Out The Blue, to name a few.
He started on CDJ's in his bedroom and when a few mates came round they'd take all the kit into the shed and annoy the neighbours for a couple of hours. 
At this point Mr.Mr was being nagged by a mate to go along to an underground club night called Skankadelic a few times. He finally gave and it was the best desision he'd ever made! He went to pretty much every one for the next 5 years & got to see some of the best underground acts & DJ's at the time there, the likes of K90, Nuw Idol, Orpheus 2, Pranksterz, Beamish, Oberon, Thermobee & Orange Peel,amongst many others.
But through Skankadelic, Mr.Mr found hard house and was hooked! He found out about a night at a place called Crazy Daisies & there saw Fergie, Lisa Lashes & Anne Savage on a regular basis. This is when he decided to ditch his CDJ's and buy some turntables.
Around 2002 Mr.Mr got to play at Skankadelic and a hard house night which was held in the same club as Skanadelic called Broken, where the likes of Tony Heron, Andy Farley, Ilogik and Smokin' Burt Cooper played. Going to and playing at these nights made him want to start his own night up & called it Energycore. 
In 2005 Mr.Mr started to favour hardcore to hard house because hard house was changing, for hime the fun had gone out of it & there was a massive techno influence in it. 
It was playing hardcore that he got to play at few nights all over the place... Hardcore Heaven (Bristol Academy) twice, filling in for Mark EG on the main stage. He also played Digital Fusion Presents Terminal (easily the biggest line up he's been on) (London), United Federation Of Hardcore (Banbury, Subway City & Nothampton), Infexion (Northampton), Cyberlife (Goole), Masters Of Hardcore (Bristol), Bass Disfunktion (Whtney) and Contagious To The Core (Leicester). Mr.Mr has also played along side some some of the biggest names in hardcore like Sy, Joey Riot, Darren Styles, Dougal, Gammer, Hixxy, Sharky, Rob IYF & Riko.
He's collaborated with JoeyRiot for the single Joey Riot vs Mr.MR & Chemtox - Rock The House and has also worked with Riko with 4 releases to date, Power Of The Mind, Speakers Bout 2 Blow, Earthquake and Begin.
If you like it hard... you know where to go!

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