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By Published December 17, 2013

This station is kept running purely through your donations.  Please help us continue by donating now.  Every little amount helps.  Thank you.

 At Safehouse Radio we aim to provide quality dance music 24/7 with free downloads available after the shows have aired via The Country Club website.  Both these sites are run by us and both are funded purely by ourselves and whatever donations we receive.  We are not rich! We only have a dream of uniting people in music and helping promote our friends and DJ's music, events, mixes etc...  If you can help, even just a quid every now and then it is really, really appreciated.  The donations don't go into our pocket, they go into the hosting fees, website maintenance, every time we upload a set we get charged, every time you download a track we get charged, to stream we get charged.  We don't even think about the hours we put in to keeping the schedules going. So if you can or have donated.  Thank you soo much!

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